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Introducing the 2014 Rails Rumble winners!
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1st Place


by RecoveringVegetarians 735 Points

RefactorCop scans open source Ruby projects, allowing you to discover code that may benefit from your contribution.
2nd Place

hi guys!

by LeanPanda 426 Points

"hi guys!" is a visual remote presence tool that lets you and your colleagues stay in touch and see what you are doing during the working day! It uses HTML5 camera features to continuously update your picture in the "ha...
3rd Place


by The aTech Media Team 322 Points

Don't waste time in meetings - with Qoffee your team can vote on items to discuss and Qoffee will enforce time limits for each talking point to ensure you stay on track. Works great with voice calls, Hipchat, Slack, Campfi...
4th Place

Pack Pal

by Saramago 282 Points

A smart packing list generator.
5th Place


by Mazondo 254 Points

Ransom lets you easily offer any digital product in exchange for social interactions, mailing list joins or cash. It's a great way to engage and build your community. Easily extend the platform with your own custom chall...
6th Place


by NoMethodError 253 Points

Gemlockr is a tool that allows you to inspect your open-source Ruby project's Gemfile.lock to see if: - Your gems are up-to-date - There are any security issues associated with your gems or any of its dependencies H...
7th Place


by Incognito Mode 232 Points

We would like to help you make your mind about what you want to eat. We're sure you just need a little push to make the right choice. Come on in and let us help you decide what you'll have for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
8th Place

Story Trees

by Story Trees 212 Points

Story Trees lets you write stories collaboratively with others. Each story tree branches off many times, with every part of the tree being written by a different person. Each part of the story is between 150 and 300 ch...
9th Place

Awesome Recipes

by Awesome Ideas Inc. 202 Points

We all have the perfect recipes we got from friends and family. For food lovers, we constantly tweak recipes and invent more along the way. Awesome Recipes lets you make those recipes with fun sketches then share them. Twe...
10th Place


by mueve-lo 197 Points

Have remote retrospectives as simple as it gets. Start a retro, invite your team to join and that’s it. Kaigi’s interactive board for post-its is the perfect tool to bring you all into the same room.
Best Solo

Pack Pal

by Saramago

A smart packing list generator.
Public Favorite


by Koombea Knights

Workout Challenge is an app to challenge your friends to make workouts and share videos about it, so you can exercise yourself at the same time you beat them